Rescom 40 years

Rescom is an Edmonton-based construction services company dedicated to our customers and our employees.

We provide turnkey construction services throughout western Canada, taking clients from their initial concept through construction as well as ongoing office and home maintenance and upkeep services.

Our three divisions include:

Commercial Custom commercial projects, such as shopping centres, churches, tenant improvements, low-rise office towers, oilfield shops and offices, retail stores, medical offices, restaurants and larger commercial developments.

Residential Custom residential projects including renovations and additions to homes, apartments and condominiums to multi-million dollar new homes in new and mature infill neighbourhoods. We have built dozens of multi-family buildings, from entry level and mid-market to assisted living. We are proud of our reputation as the premium custom homebuilder in the markets we serve.

Important Smaller Projects — Specializing in home and office maintenance and renovations. From the smallest maintenance task such as changing filters or cleaning gutters, to exterior upgrades to kitchen and bathroom renovations, we do everything from “soup to nuts.”

We consistently exceed our clients’ expectations. Our exceptional customer service and high quality standards have earned us a strong base of repeat clients in both the residential and commercial sectors.

Looking for a safe work environment that focuses on training and career development? We are always looking for new team members.